A Network of European Training Programmes for Linguistics, Translation, and Literacy

Our programmes prepare you for language development work, particularly in minority language contexts. We offer training in subjects such as linguistics, literacy and multilingual education, anthropology, translation, and learner-directed language and culture learning.
This training is offered in partnership with SIL International, world leaders in the field of language development, and/or with various Wycliffe Global Alliance organisations in Europe.
ETN programmes are offered in Germany, Spain, and the UK. Courses may be taken as stand-alone units or, in the UK, as part of a Master of Arts degree at the School of Language and Scripture in the UK, or at a number of other training programs cooperation with SIL International (see also SIL International Training Services). For details about our programmes in English, German and Spanish, click the links below.
In addition to the ETN training, you may also be interested in the language-related courses listed further below.

flag-ukSchool of Language and Scriptureopen >>

flag-deSeminar für Sprache und Kulturopen >>

flag-esMáster en Lingüística Aplicada open >>

Additional courses in various languages

Foundation for Living and Working Cross-Culturally (Eng)

Scripture Engagement (Eng – also available online)

Bible Storying (Eng)

Meaning and Translation (Eng)

Multilingual Education (Eng)

Planning for Transformation (Eng)

Cours Prestolinga (Fr)
Des méthodes simples, scientifiques et éprouvées pour apprendre à apprendre une langue.

Principles of Language Survey (Eng)
The course is designed to help students develop an understanding of the principles that lie behind language surveys.

Distance learning courses